Salads WORSE than a Whopper

30 Mar

I got this email today and I had to share it. I’ve always heard that you need to be careful when you order a salad from a restaurant since small add-ons can pile on the calories. Here is the complete list of 20 salads that are sadly worse than eating a Whopper.

FYI – a Whopper is 670 calories!

Here are a few that are on the list:

  1. BLT Cobb Salad at Wendy’s with Ranch and croutons = 760 calories
  2. Fully loaded Steak Salad from Taco Bell = 900 calories
  3. Chicken Ceasar Flat Bread Salad from Quiznos = 920 calories
  4. Grilled Shrimp and Spinach Salad from Applebees = 1,050 calories
  5. Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad from Friday’s = 1,360 calories
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Spring Forward without Setbacks

07 Mar

The warmer weather is coming!  Hooray!  Who doesn’t love the hearing the birds chirp and the seeing the sun shinning for days in a row?  I love spring – a time for growth and renewal.  The trees and flowers are blooming, the snow is melting, the air smells crisp and clean!  Sadly, some of the greatest things about spring are also some of the worst.  With the weather getting warmer, people start shedding their wintry layers for shorts and tees and start to feel the early spring guilt and self doubt.  It happens every year and we can’t seem to always escape it.  Luckily, changing a few restaurant eating habits can help.  See what David Zinczenko has to say about swapping a few things out of your diet, which could help you lose that last 5-10 lbs.

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Help Nathan Buy Firefly

25 Feb

Typically this blog is devoted to serious, important topics such as nutrition, health, and Theo the EO Botfish.  Today I’m going  slightly off topic to mention a movement currently sweeping across the nation.  No, it’s not Atkins Redux.  I’m talking about Help Nathan Buy Firefly.  If you’re not familiar with the show, it was easily one of the greatest of all time.  A space western with an Asian flair it captivated the imaginations of many.  But apparently not enough since it was canceled in 2002 by Fox after only half a season aired.  For years the resentment of diehard fans has simmered under the surface.  Recently, actor Nathan Fillion said that if he had the money, he would buy the rights to the show.  Fans took this as a call to action.  In only a week, 82,000 people joined the Help Nathan Buy Firefly page and said things like:

  • I’ll totally give $500!
  • If this works, I’m naming my first child Mal or Serenity.
  • Firefly was the only show I ever loved…
  • Print these fliers (which read Don’t Forget to Wash) and put them in bathroom stalls everywhere!
  • Let’s get Colbert involved!

The sum creative energy of these Browncoats, as the call themselves, have finally been unleashed and show no signs of slowing down.

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Theo the EO BotFish!!!

24 Feb

Hello ladies and gentleman of the world. I am here to tell you all about our new friend Theo! He is a red Betta Fish with plenty of personality. He loves to swim around and eat his Betta food, and occasionally he will come up for air. Mr. Matt Valucis was wonderful enough to buy him for us as an office pet. His color is really cool, because he is all red but his sides kind of have dots on them. The dots first start out as a really dark red, and slowly become almost bright light blue. Theo swims among his little red pebbles, and I think he is happy here. He has no issue with sitting and listening to your problems. Oddly enough if you sit and talk to him, he will make eye contact with you the entire time. I’m so glad that we are able to raise such a brilliant and lovely fish.Theo is the best fish in the whole wide world!!

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War of the Web Apps

23 Feb

Both Cheryl and Tony have mentioned My Fitness Pal as a web application for losing weight.  To be honest, it seems like the kind of perfectly nice website that you could take home to your mother.  I use which is smokin’ hot.  It is, without question, one of the most gorgeous and user friendly websites I have ever seen.  If it were a man, I would marry him.

The best part is that  everyone else trying to lose weight supports you no matter what happens.  When you spend days bingeing on cheesecake and Cocoa Pebbles and gain four pounds….ahem….they remind you that tomorrow is a new day and that the important thing is to be patient with yourself.  It’s like Facebook in that people share their everyday lives, their dreams, and their goals, but because you are all working towards the same purpose there is much more camaraderie and focus.

It transforms calorie counting from something on par with cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush to an interactive fantasy game land where calories are numbers to be played with and you’re helped by a host of amazing people whom you’ve never met in person.  It’s like playing World of Warcraft except that at the end you look amazing.  I cannot recommend this app enough.

P.S.  I would love to be your friend if you join.

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The Cherpumple

22 Feb

Sam recently introduced me to the Cherpumple pie-cake.  Charles Phoenix describes it as the dessert version of the Turducken.  On the bottom layer you have an apple pie baked into a spice cake, in the middle layer you have a pumpkin pie baked into a yellow cake, and in top layer you have a cherry pie baked into a white cake.  Then you frost the whole thing with cream cheese icing.  Sam says it tastes as good as it looks!

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Money Woes

21 Feb

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you loan a friend some money and then they never pay you back?  It’s always, “Oh, I’ll pay you back next paycheck” or “Don’t worry, I’ll pay next time.”  Sound familiar?  I have found myself stuck in this situation plenty of times.  I was never one to want someone to miss out on a good time, so I would always offer to pay if I had the means to.  While I was always doing (what I thought was) a good deed, I probably lost more money over the years than I’d like to admit.  It’s hard being in these kinds of situations because they normally end up pretty awkward.

I recently found a quiz that explains these types of situations and what is recommended by experts to do.   Money is never a fun topic to bring up, but it’s a topic everyone wants to bring up.  Let’s face it, we are all curious how other people make money and spend it, but unfortunately it’s not always out place to ask.  How do you normally handle these types of situations?

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North Dakota is the Ugliest State

18 Feb

I recently stumbled onto maps which say what each state does best and worst.  Colorado remains the least fat state and Mississippi has been the fattest for some time.  According to Time, “Southerners have little access to healthy food and limited means with which to purchase it. It’s hard for them to exercise outdoors, and even when they do have the opportunity, it’s so hot, they don’t want to. ”

Here are the rest of the states:

Here’s the link to what each state does best:

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Truly Scary Obesity Info

17 Feb

If you watch the news fairly regularly, you’ll notice that they constantly throw out data about obesity.  “New research shows that Americans are fat… Chocolate may actually be good for you…New Jersey man loses 20 pounds following the Cheetos diet.”

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have become a bit jaded about the prevalence of obesity in America and all the “new and exciting research” that rolls out (no pun intended.)  Recently I stumbled across a website which listed the medical conditions associated with being overweight along with showing descriptive pictures.

The list is extensive.  I even double checked a couple of these because I didn’t believe it, but I was able to verify it with multiple sources.

  • Congestive Heart Failure (Okay, I’ve heard that one before.)
  • Chronic Renal Failure (That just sounds bad.)
  • Urinary Incontinence (Hmm…)
  • Stillbirth (I had no idea….)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Seriously???)

Here’s the full list:


L is for the Lbs you gain today

14 Feb

So today is Valentine’s Day – the day that some love to love or love to hate.  Either way, I heard an interesting statistic today that American’s spend upwards of $17 million on Valentine’s Day presents.  I thought this was a lot, but when you compare it to Christmas, which is about $300 million, then it’s not so bad I guess.

Watching the news this morning was pretty interesting though.  Stories ranging from where to buy the best flowers to love letter writing, but it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some chocolate, right?  Of course some of the worst Valentine’s chocolates are the best tasting, but do you really want to waste 100+ calories per tiny piece of chocolate you eat?  If you ate an entire heart shaped box of chocolate it would be putting you back at least 600 calories – depending on the size of the heart.  Something else that might ruin your V-Day is that Read the rest of this entry »

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