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Running: The Enemy or The Solution?

27 Aug

So I would like to think of myself as a physically conscious person, aware of what will work and what won’t in terms of exercise and eating habits, but lately I’ve began to question myself. Every time I go to the gym, my one track mind carries my legs to the same old elliptical. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’ll be slightly offended if my favorite one (centered perfectly for people/tv watching and equipped with a cup holder ideal for my neon walrus water bottle) is in use, but why? Do people honestly grow emotional attachment to a chunk of equipment that has endured more sweat and tears than an outlandish Justin Beiber concert? Let’s just say it wasn’t my proudest realization, but it got me questioning why. Is it the comfort level? (You know, since I put more effort into not falling off vs. actual exercise.) Is it the high ‘calories burned’ number I get? (It isn’t my fault that the machine rounds up to the nearest 5th pound, allowing me to get what I like to call ‘bonus calories’ for over-estimating my weight.) Or could it be the tiny ledge that refuses to support the smallest of magazines? (I couldn’t count the times I’ve almost crashed and burned from trying to catch a magazine while still safely functioning on the machine. Not a pretty sight…) Read the rest of this entry »


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Today’s Post Brought to You by the Number 1300

26 Aug

I started something this week that I thought I would never do – count calories.  I was always a fan of having a food journal, but that doesn’t really tell you how bad you are eating; it just shows you how much you eat.  I was a little hesitant at first about making this decision because I didn’t want to turn into one of those constant calorie counters who will not allow themselves anything over their daily amount.  I don’t want to restrict myself; I just want to know how bad I’m eating.

For anyone who has never counted calories before, I highly recommended it.  I found it to be really insightful and somewhat of a wake-up call for what I was putting in my body.  It used to be at the end of every day I would think, “Wow, I really didn’t eat that much today!”  And while that may be the case, what I was eating was not very good for me – at all!

Now you might be saying, “But Cheryl, counting calories is a lot of work!”  Read the rest of this entry »


Health & Wealth: 4 Tips to Maintain Both In the city

25 Aug

Ahhh, life in the big city. Countless restaurants, theaters, museums, historical monuments, shopping, social activities, and countless other opportunities right at your finger tips. An urban environment is the perfect place setting for diversity and energy, ideal for those who fancy the non-stop lifestyle. But, as with all things good, the big city has its setbacks. The correlation between the size of the city and the size of the prices in that city is not difficult to notice. With basic necessities making a bigger dent in your wallet, one needs to be more cautious when shopping and determining priorities on the infamous shopping list. It seems that health falls to the backburner with personal budget cuts because it doesn’t provide instant gratification in comparison to something like hygiene or home maintenance. Aside from prices, the boost in opportunities and social events, specifically restaurants and bars, makes city-livers more vulnerable to falling off of the fitness track. Not to mention, they have the challenge of finding an affordable gym membership. Although these roadblocks sound grim when trying to achieve a certain level of fitness and well-being, it all comes down to how one utilizes what is presented to them, and with these 3 basic tips, your health will climb right back up your priority ladder. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet FitWit Sam

24 Aug

Why hello there internet, my name is Sam. I am your pretty typical teenage girl. I struggle with many things including: school, family, friends, work, and myself. I had a huge downfall in the fall of 2009, and had a pretty difficult time taking care of myself. I went from binge eating, to hardly ever eating at all. I managed to lose about 40 pounds in 2 ½ months through starvation. It wasn’t until I began my job at Bottled Fitness I realized that what I was doing was completely inappropriate. Sure I was losing weight, but I had many consequences along the way. Over the next few weeks I am going to continue to write about my hard times dealing with many insecurities, and how I was able to overcome them and rebuild myself in a healthy way.

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But it Tastes so Delicious…

23 Aug

Being healthy is a funny thing.  What exactly is “being healthy?”   When I think of being healthy I think about people who eat right and doing a good amount of exercise, but that also brings up another question.  What is “eating right?”

For the past several months I have been trying to pull myself out of a rut of unhealthiness.  I got married in April of 2009 and then started school that May.  Getting married is hard enough to try and get used to, but throwing school in the mix was not good timing.  I know people joke about “letting yourself go” after getting married, but it really happened to me.  It wasn’t on purpose or even that bad (I gained about 12 pounds), but it was just too many new things at one time that I couldn’t handle it all. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dirty Pop

23 Aug

When I began my new healthy living approach in 2009, one of the first things I took care of was making a conscious effort to eliminate pop from my diet. Back in the day, I could probably have slammed a sixer of mountain dews down without question. I always wondered where my sleeping issues stemmed from, and never thought to question it may be because of what I am putting in my body (an enormous amount of caffeine!). Read the rest of this entry »

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Transformer, Tony in (Permanent) Disguise

23 Aug

So yesterday I purchased my first new wardrobe since my weight loss, which I should have done earlier, but finally got around to it. With a combo of school starting tomorrow and me reaching my ideal weight, I thought it was finally time to buy some clothes that fit. I should probably start with the back story of my weight loss first. I won’t go into too much detail or else I won’t be able to blog about it anymore, and it’s a big accomplishment in my life so I’m hoping to continue blogging about it in the future. Anyways, a few weeks before the new year this year, I said to myself that I was going to lose weight for a few reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet FitWit Cheryl

23 Aug

Ok, so I’m not very good with introductions.  They can be kind of awkward, right?  I don’t really know anyone who likes getting the “So, tell me about yourself” question.  I guess I will start with my name, which is Cheryl and the fact that I am pretty excited to start blogging!

I wanted to start blogging and sharing pieces of my life with all of you as I embark on this journey through a weird stage in my life.  I just finished grad school and I am now trying to figure out what life is like without school.  I have been doing that whole school thing for so long that I don’t know what to do with my new found freedom (aka weekends).  Because I was so busy (and completely stressed) with school and work I wasn’t very kind to myself (or others), but I am trying to get back into the swing of things with a new healthier life style.  It may be a slow process, but I’m excited to start! Read the rest of this entry »


Meet FitWit Zach

23 Aug

My name is Zach, though to pretty much everyone else, I’m known as ‘Creatch,’ which is actually short for ‘Creature’…which usually never hesitates to raise a few eyebrows. At the ripe age of twenty-two, it wasn’t until January 2009 that I decided to really make the effort of healthy living, including a better diet and exercising regularly. It was right around this time that I joined the Bottled Fitness family. Though my decision for a better lifestyle was made before I became a part of the team, it has greatly aided me in my recent 20-month long journey. While not being berated by irate customers or lugging 60-lb boxes up and down a flight of stairs, I enjoy spending time with my friends and visiting those that went away to college, expanding my music collection digitally and through vinyl, and seeing my favorite bands, typically in Chicago, but I also love to travel when I can (for shows & festivals, as well as pleasure). I’m honest, sarcastic, and find great joy in awkward situations, as well as the ‘little things in life.’ I look forward to sharing my dynamic approach to life, as well as hope that you can open your thoughts to whatever may spew out of my mouth (or keyboard) through this blog.


Meet FitWit Tony

23 Aug

Hey everyone! Well, let’s start with the basics. My name is Tony, I am starting my senior year of college tomorrow (which is extremely exciting), I work at UPS every morning, and I began working at America’s Nutrition at the beginning of summer (as an internship) and will continue to on Fridays during school. I am an Accounting and Finance major, which does sound boring, but I don’t really think of myself as a boring person. I’m very easy going and try to get along with just about everyone. I honestly believe that I can play any sport and enjoy it, and since working at America’s Nutrition I have even began running a few times a week, which you may have to hear about in later blog posts. Pretty much, I’ve become addicted which is easy to do when I see results from it. For the longest time, I always would say, I hate running unless I was doing it for a sport, but running just to run made no sense; well my attitude has definitely changed on that. I have lost 70 pounds from running and eating healthy since the beginning of the year and I think that starting the internship here was a blessing because it has gotten me more interested in my own health and nutrition. Well, I’ll touch on some of these topics plus more about me in later posts. Until then, take it easy.