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Pizza Party!

30 Sep

I’ve determined that food is one of my ultimate sources of gratification. Supply, taste and the sense of feeling satiated are about as dependable as they come. This isn’t an issue, per say, until one starts abusing the means of fulfilling hunger. Bad food tastes delicious; simple as that.

Cheese? Yes, please. Ice Cream? Doesn’t count as a food, so there is always room. Pasta? Every noodle deserves a quality tummy. So how does one manage to conquer healthy living without feeling completely deprived…or like a role model to sacrifice…or like a poor soul plate shopping as he or she watches everyone else’s mouth enjoy the delicious parts of life? Find amazing alternatives.

If I could love a food as much as my mom, it would be pizza. Maaaybe a bit of an exaggeration…but not really. Cheese is my comida-downfall. Sprinkle, no, smother that on some light sauce, garlic, chicken and black olives, all snuggled together on a sturdy structure of crust, and you have won over FitWit Stephanie’s heart. It is just so customizable and delicious, what’s not to like?! Oh, yeah. The whole calorie/carb aspect, but sometimes that realization gets lost in the aroma and visuals, and one succumbs to its Italian goodness. Sorry to be so descriptive, but this is coming from a recovering pita pizza addict. Well, let’s just say I finally put my health foot down and demanded an alternative that still held the same incredible pizza euphoria. I’ve been a non-stop recipe hunter since moving in with my new roommate, as she loves food, cooking and baking as much as myself, and on my quest I came across a very intriguing idea: Zucchini Pizza Bites.

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Hey Hey, What Can I Do?

29 Sep

Earlier tonight, you would have spotted me in the local gym running my little heart out to the Stones throwing in some air drums to the beat. While this may appear to be a semi-humorous moment to those that see some twentysomething rocking out a little too hard on a treadmill, what you also may have seen was not so funny. Tonight, I had a constant nagging in my back muscles while running. In the past month, I’ve had most every muscle, joint and bodily appendage evoke some sort of pain, but I have yet to endure any back pain while running, especially something that would cause me to take it really easy and walk more than I would have liked to. Back problems have been a constant problem for me for the past ten years, and as naive as I can be, I always tended to blame my back problems on an injury I suffered playing baseball ten years ago. How wrong I was (maybe not, but most likely). When I started to really drop weight off in the first half of 2009, I noticed my back to start feeling much better and less strained, and started to pay attention that the way my entire body felt, really mattered with what shape it was in.

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Fun with Tri-ing

28 Sep

So why at the age of 27 did I decide that I should start doing triathlons?  One too many beers led to a bet with a good friend which led to me buying a bike and training my butt off all summer.  Here is the report from my second ever triathlon.

Swimming:  Growing up on a lake I always thought I was a good swimmer.  And maybe I was.  “Was” being the key word. Maybe it’s because as I grow older I spend less and less time on the lake.  Maybe it’s because I never used to swim 500m with 50 other people around while being timed.  Whatever the reason is, I can promise you I no longer consider myself a good swimmer.  This was my second triathlon and I think the swim got even harder. Read the rest of this entry »

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Drink it or Clean with it?

27 Sep

There I was, just sitting in bed catching up on some news on my phone. I came across this article about things you already have in your house that you can use as cleaners. I’m skimming along enjoying my new found findings. Coffee grounds to eliminate odor, dryer sheets to get that nasty grime off pots and pans, mouth wash to clean my floors – it was pretty entertaining, so I read on.

Next suggestion:

Use Coke to clean your toilet. Yup, your toilet!

According to the article, Coke works so well because, “the phosphoric acid in the beverage removes rust rings and other mineral deposits.”

So now here I am sitting in bed disgusted because not 10 minutes before I sat down to read this article I had a few sips of my husband’s can of Coke. At least I know I won’t have any issues with rust and mineral deposits in my stomach…

I was going to test this theory for myself, but I have this compulsion for cleaning toilets (I know, I’m strange), so I didn’t really have a dirty toilet to test it on.  Luckily I found a fancy video that explains everything.

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A Tale of a Lost Scale

23 Sep

When I said goodbye to my childhood home the day I left for college, I also said goodbye to the vicious pound reader tucked away in our bathroom. Every morning I would routinely wake up (obviously), head to the bathroom, release what I could in the porcelain weight loss express and force myself to face the numbers that would make or break my morning. Cheers to the Tuesdays that would knock off three pounds after recovering from the weekend, and tears to those dreadful Sunday mornings, well, afternoons that would reveal a whole week’s worth of efforts in the form of addition. (Addition of pound, that is) Even the days when I plateau’d were negative because I felt lost in a standstill. It got to the point where it didn’t matter how I felt physically, despite constantly reminding myself that muscle weighs Read the rest of this entry »


“We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it”

22 Sep

So about two weeks ago, I decided to make a very important lifestyle change, given the goals I have (get in kick-ass shape), the boredom and developing pain in my knees from elliptical machines (my Grandma has had both knees replaced, and I foresee the same for my mom and her brother..this scares me..), and a desire to challenge myself in a way I’ve never been challenged.. so I started running. To back this up, I hated running. Used to loathe it. I didn’t understand the appeal, and the only running I’ve done in the past 5 years is from the cops at parties (in my underage days..cheers to 22), and to catch a train going to/from Chicago (always’s a constant thing in my life).

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90 Calories of Chocolate and Minty Goodness

20 Sep

Step aside Girl Scouts, I found a granola bar that tastes just as awesome as a Thin Mint Cookie and is only 90 calories!  Thank you Quaker for coming to my rescue with the new Chocolatey Mint flavor granola bar!  I found these last week at the store after years of always getting the same old flavors.  I was a little skeptical at first, but wow was I amazed at how glorious this granola bar is!  I’m not even kidding, it’s pretty delicious!

So let’s break it down. Not only is this bar 90 calories, but it has 40 grams of calcium per bar AND is made WITHOUT high-fructose corn syrup.  Compare this to the actual Thin Mint cookies, which are 160 calories for 4 cookies, and does contain high-fructose corn syrup.

This granola bar is a win-win for the chocolate mint lovers as well as the on the go and trying to stay healthy without sacrificing taste people!

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More Unheathy Health Foods

17 Sep

I recently got an article in my email about deceiving health foods.  For the most part I always felt like I knew what was good and bad for me, it was just the choices I made that were hurtful.  After reading this article from Cooking Light I was a little shocked by a few findings.

The first item on the list was multi-grain and wheat bread.  This made the list because multi-grain does not necessarily mean whole wheat or even good wheat.  This was a little disappointing because I just found a super yummy 7 grain and nut bread.  I guess its back to the drawing board on that one!  Another surprise on the list was sports drinks.  Sports drinks were created to drink after intense workouts, not just to drink at any old time of the day.  After I read the reasoning for this one it made more sense.  Check out the article to see what else made the list.

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Today is the OFFICIAL unveiling of The FitWits blog!

15 Sep

We balance the quest for fitness with a true love of life, laughter and a twist of wit.

All of us at America’s Nutrition are amazingly excited to blog about our journeys to becoming and staying fit while trying to keep it fun, of course!  Through the blog, you will learn about each member of the FitWit team and their struggles and triumphs along their way accompanied by several witty thoughts and ideas.  We welcome all of you to follow our stories and share your own stories because we want to hear from you too!

We started this blog to share with you because we are more than the people who answer the phones or respond to your emails.  We are a pretty unique bunch with a lot of creative knowledge to offer on an array of subjects ranging from cooking to playing to weight loss to to sweating to feeling good about being you.  Look around, post back to us, and join us in making fun out of being fit.  So without further ado, I introduce to you, the FitWits!


I Eat Because I Cook

12 Sep

As part of my new healthy lifestyle, I decided I would cook at least 2 good meals a week – I normally cook a lot, so 2 meals lasts for 4 or 5 days.  In order to do this, I needed to find some recipes that I actually liked that didn’t have a million ingredients.  For a while I was having pretty good luck with finding recipes online, but there is something I like about having a tangible book to look through.  I spent a few days looking at my local bookstore and online at good cookbooks and the one I landed on is called Cooking Light.  You may have heard of seen Cooking Light before because it’s also a website and a magazine!  I definitely recommend checking out the site because it is filled with tons of helpful tips.  The even have a pretty cool newsletter if you want more tips and recipes sent to you by email.

Reasons I like this cookbook:

  1. It is hard cover and binder style, which for some reason makes me feel more like a real cook
  2. It has lots of pictures and hundreds of recipes
  3. It tells you the calories per serving
  4. It is tabbed, so everything is easy to find
  5. It came with a CD of even more recipes!
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