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28 Oct

With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about how many yummy, anti-healthy treats are going to be right at my finger tips. Unfortunately, I’ve surpassed the trick-or-treating age (although I have considered otherwise 🙂 ), so I have that going for me, but what about the clearance candy the day after Halloween? And what if you pass out candy? Depending on the ratio of purchased candy to legitimate trick-or-treaters, you may have the most candy in the end. To get some guidance, I found these helpful tips on It shows eight familiar ‘fun-size’ treats, their caloric content, and what you can do to make up for indulging.

Sometimes I wonder what the true intentions were behind making those delectable ‘fun-size’ candy bars and treats… Maybe it’s merely an illusion that we’re eating less of a bad thing, despite my tendency to eat a little extra because of the size. Not to mention, the individual ‘fun-sizers’ do not have nutritional information on the wrapper. Cruel. So cruel, especially since the amounts of calories in the treats mentioned are the scariest things I’ve seen so far this Halloween. I’ve always believed my metabolism naturally increases at this time of year, making the candy consumption acceptable. BUT its time to escape the denial and pass on the savory treats. Plus, I’m dressing up as a slice of pizza, so maybe becoming a piece of pizza will reduce my cravings. Just maybe. What are you going to be for Halloween, and what candy are you willing to make the sacrifice for each pumpkin-filled season?

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I Heart Butternut Squash

25 Oct

Last week I made my first meal incorporating butternut squash, which you can see photo evidence of below.  I know I’ve had butternut squash before, but I never remembered it tasting so delicious!  I don’t know why, but I decided to write a poem about my new love for this veggie!

Ode to Butternut Squash

Butternut squash, so tastefully delicious, I add you to all of my favorite dishes

Your pair well with chicken, beef and more, oh butternut squash, how can I not adore?

Your amazing orange shade adds brightness to my day, while my stomach says thank you as I eat you away!

Oh butternut squash, why did we not meet before?

You are my new favorite vegetable and with so many options I know I will never bore!

I guess I’ll accept laughs for that poem, but I promise there will be more to come!  I usually write longer poems about things that don’t really matter, but this one just wasn’t coming to me.  I was a tad disappointed in myself…


Anyway, I made a random recipe with my squash last week and it was pretty tasty and super simple.  It’s just butternut squash, apples, and chicken.  I don’t follow recipes that often.  I like to look at them and use them as a guide or opinion, but I like to make up my own a lot.  All I did was cook the squash and apples until they were tender and added the chicken in the mix.  I also added a little butter and a touch of cinnamon.  It was pure delight!

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Laugh It Off

20 Oct

They say in life that the little things become what’s most important. A friendly smile from a stranger, catching every green light or getting lunch at work ;-). These minor little instances can really affect your mood and outlook on the day. Just recently, I found this article on “12 Little Instant Health Boosts

I was pretty surprised by how many of the health boosts I actually already do , but some seemed a little too absurd for me (doctor on speed dial & manually changing the tv channels). Luckily, I love (red) wine, milk for breakfast and grilled fish so I can stave off high cholesterol and dementia! My mom always made me pen thank you notes when I was younger, much to my constant bickering, but through age, I’ve come to really have fun with thank-you notes and make them thoughtful and humorous for the intended recipients.

The one thing the good people at Prevention and myself can fully agree on is the importance of laughing every day. They speak about the importance of dilating blood vessels, but the positive energy that can come from laughing can make a bigger impact on someone’s day than you may believe. Sure, a movie (Jackass 3D comes highly recommended) or TV show (any recent South Park) can take care of these things when available, but making a friend or stranger laugh becomes more genuine and evokes a better response. So next time you see someone who’s looking pretty down, get them to chuckle a bit and you may find it improves their day in ways you cannot even see.


ABC is not as easy as 123.

19 Oct

Being in high school I hear about a lot of crazy things including, weight loss ideas. Recently I’ve heard about the ABC Diet Plan. I didn’t believe it when people they told me only because it sounded so ridiculous. I decided to do some research and found that it really is as crazy as everyone said it was. I even think that this is foolish decision, and I’m the one blogging about being anorexic. It’s a weird fasting plan that you take part in for 50 days. You can only consume a certain amount of calories a day, which only goes over 500 one time! Here’s the link to see just how insane the calorie intake of this “diet plan” is. After semi experiencing this way of “dieting” I definitely know this is a really bad idea. It is no different than starving yourself, which is a bad choice in the first place. Some days you either eat nothing or only 100 calories. Your body cannot survive on that. Even when I didn’t eat much, I definitely ate more than 100 calories a day. Be careful not to chew too much gum, you might go over the limit!

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Peace, Love and Happy Meals

18 Oct


Last week there was a story on the news about a hamburger Happy Meal that was virtually unchanged after being left out for 180 days.  While many were surprised about these findings, I really wasn’t.  How many of us have found a fast food french fry in our cars that was who knows how old and still looked the same?  Fast food tastes good, but with all of the fillers put in that mystery meat it’s no wonder it doesn’t decay.  There is surprisingly a lot of contradictory information as to what McDonald’s uses in their food, which makes me wonder what are they trying to hide?

I don’t mean to steal ideas, but FitWit Matt posted super gross picture of McDonald’s chicken nuggets on Facebook a few weeks ago.  It was basically showing how the McNuggets are made out of some disgusting pink goop.  So much for all white meat, right?

A little off subject, but while I was reading about the stubborn non-decaying Happy Meal, I also came across an article about people who get married at fast food restaurants.  If you want to get married at McDonald’s you can get a “cake” made out of their hot apple pies and your guests get to pick their meal right off the menu!  I guess that is one way to cut down on wedding prices, but there may be more napping than dancing.

Check out the pictures of the Happy Meal and McNuggets and let me know what you think.  All natural, like the McDonald’s spokes person says or all fake like the pictures seem to reveal?

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14 Oct

So I’ve come to the realization that my nights are unpredictable. Between friends asking to go to dinner, events preventing me from making dinner, and the array of fall temptations floating around (let’s just say we had a torrential downpour of cake balls this weekend), it’s very easy to derail once those evening classes let out. I’ve always had the all-or-nothing mentality, which damages my efforts in the end as it results in binging. Deprivation is not a friendly word, and everyone deserves a good pat on their taste buds every now and then. Now that I’ve accepted this truth that anything is okay in moderation, I prioritize temptations in terms of what is worth the calories and what isn’t, which ha Read the rest of this entry »

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The mind rules the belly

12 Oct

There was once a boy in my life who decided to say goodbye. Me being as emotional as I am, didn’t take it very well and wasn’t ready for goodbyes just yet. For me, my only option was to not eat. I gained about 20 pounds throughout our relationship, but I didn’t actually notice until after the break up. It started with simply just being too upset, not wanting to eat, (that was how Sam coped with everything) to realizing that I was losing weight and using it as a way of getting “healthy.” When I saw the difference I set a goal with the ridiculous behavior. I was at a good 180 pounds, and I stand at about 5 feet 6 inches so that is a little too much weight. I managed to drop myself down to about 145 from the end of September to the beginning of November. I continued on this way through the holidays. My family could tell and would always confront me on it. I tried to tell them and myself that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They let it go only because they did see me eat, but the only time I ate is when they were watching. Winter time was difficult though, because everything you do is based around food. I started my job at Bottled Fitness in December. At that point I had received so much ridicule from my sisters that I had enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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Goodbye Delicious Desserts!

11 Oct

Last week I made some pretty drastic changes to my diet.  I don’t want to call it a diet because it’s not the kind of diet you think of when you hear the word diet – if that makes sense.  I’m not doing this to necessarily lose weight, although it should be an added bonus!  For lack of a better term, I think I’m going to call it my new eating regime!

Let me back up a little and explain this.  Since starting to see a chiropractor about my back and hip pain, I found out that my pain might be sticking around because of what I’m eating.  The pain probably started because I fell, but there really isn’t any reason for it to be hanging out with me.  Well, my pelvis and tailbone crookedness cause part of the problem, but those issues don’t make up the entire story.

Today is only day 4, but I eating very little to no sugar, white flour, white grains, and processed foods (meaning foods with lots of fillers).  It sounds kind of rough, but I’m not having as hard of a time with it as I thought.  I’ve already resisted vodka chicken, brownies with with peanut butter cups  (that I made for FitWit Tony’s bday), homemade apple pie, cupcakes, apple cider, donuts, ice cream, etc.  And that was only 2 days worth of temptations!  I have happily been snacking on apples and eating a lot of chicken, eggs, and salad! Read the rest of this entry »

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A Shot of Exercise

07 Oct

The only thing worse than a calorie is an empty calorie, but that plague is hard to avoid when you’re surviving one of the biggest party campuses in the country. I may indulge in a drink or two when the time is right, but I always seem to feel the regret in the morning in terms of, you know, health… So, to make myself feel better, I’ve found some comedic relief to mentally sugar-coat a bad habit many of us tend to encounter. Enjoy!

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

I mean, walking to the party counts as exercise, right? 😉 Thanks,


The 10 best weight loss thoughts you will hear….ever

06 Oct

I am often asked the best way to lose weight.  Most of the time I don’t bother answering seriously because I know the person doesn’t really care.  However, if I was planning on answering seriously here is what I would say:

(1)  To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume.  A 200lb male burns around 2400-2500 in a normal day.  I would suggest trying to ballpark eating around 2000 calories a day for a couple of weeks.  Measure your progress and adjust accordingly.

(2)  Calories should come from proteins, healthy fats, and carbs.  Diet staples should/could include chicken, fish, lean ground beef, lean cuts of steak, eggs, cottage cheese, all fruits and vegetables.  Carb sources are up to you and how you feel your body responds to carbs.

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