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Top Ten Ways to Annoy People at the Gym

30 Nov

10) Avoiding: Blatantly disregard any and all signage because you are above such things.  This includes the hours for the facility, the time limits on equipment, which lanes are used for what, etc.  If you are going to workout class, show up right in the middle and require assistance of some sort.

9) Grunting: When lifting, do not merely gasp for air or softly groan.  If you do that, no one will be able to tell what a stud you are or how hard you are working.  You need to make it sound like you’re giving birth to a herd of elephants.

8)  Stinking: Avoid antiperspirant like the plague.  If you do try to mask that sweaty smell, use organic deodorant that gives your body odor an apricot flavor.  Another option is making your own deodorant at home and telling everyone one how self-sufficient and sustainable you are.

7) Puddling: Get so sweaty that you looked like you just escaped a particularly violent monsoon, drip all over the equipment, and neglect to wipe it up.  Don’t even pretend to look for a towel or act like you forgot, just defiantly stare down anyone you suspect of challenging you.

6) Drinking: Don’t just drink protein powder in the comfort of your home, take it to the gym and actually mix it on one of weight benches to ensure that it is absolutely the right consistency and was not affected by the three mile drive to the gym.

5) Coughing: Even if you are at death’s doorstep, you must not miss a workout. When you get to the gym start by running a few laps and cough in regular intervals so that your contagion will be spread consistently like pollution from the tailpipe of a 94’ Taurus.

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Chicken with a Pretzel Twist

29 Nov

A few weeks ago I made a super simple and super yummy lunch for my fellow FitWits.  I got the recipe from a Hungry Girl email (which everyone should sign up for) and it turned out better than expected.  Below is the Hungry Girl recipe, but I had to make a few adjustments for myself because I was cooking for a hungry crowd.  Unfortunately I did not take a picture of my creation, but it was amazingly yummy and can be enjoyed at any time for any meal or snack!

Honey Mustard Pretzel-Coated Chicken Fingers
3tbsp. Honey Mustard
2tbsp. Liquid egg substitute, like Egg Beaters
5 oz. Boneless Chicken Strips
2  Dashes of salt
2  Dashes of pepper
1 oz  Hard Salted Pretzels (finely crushed)
2 tsp. Sugar

Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Mix honey mustard and egg substitute in a bowl.  Season the chicken with salt and pepper and then submerge in the mustard-egg mixture.  Set aside for 5 minutes to marinate.

Mix crushed pretzels with sugar and spread out on a plate

Spray baking sheet with nonstick spray.  Coat chicken with pretzel mixture and put on baking sheet.

Bake for about 20 minutes, flipping at the half way point or until chicken is cooked.

Enjoy with honey mustard, ketchup, ranch, or BBQ sauce for dipping!

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How Nibbling Adds Up

22 Nov

As the holidays draw closer, we find ourselves in the spirit of baking and cooking delicious meals.  As a person who likes to do both, it’s hard to not take a nibble of my creations.  I think we all become guilty of this at some point.  Who doesn’t love taking a test sample of the turkey or licking the spoon after a yummy apple of pumpkin pie was made?  It’s hard to not nibble, but it’s easy for the nibbling calories to add up!  I was not aware of how dangerous nibbling can get, but I found a fun slide-show that demonstrates it pretty well.  Nibblers beware!

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MyFitnessPal Really Is My Pal

19 Nov

Happy Friday FitWits! I know one of Cheryl’s first blogs was about MyFitnessPal Iphone app and website ( and I would just like to add my own opinion on it. I have been using MyFitnessPal since June and think that it is a great tool for anyone trying to lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to eat less than your allowed caloric intake. MyFitnessPal sets this all up for you based on your age, gender, height, weight, and a few other basic questions. While trying to lose weight, I found this a huge help, but now that I have lost all the weight I want to, it still helps in so many ways. Something that MyFitnessPal does beyond counting calories is Read the rest of this entry »


The FDA: Friend or Foe?

18 Nov

Between my political science exam on Monday and the recent banning threat on Four Lokos, a caffeinated malt beverage that is a party favorite among my friends and I, I can’t help but wonder how beneficial the FDA really is. Imean, recalls are helpful, but shouldn’t regulation that can prevent a recall be necessary before a food or product is even distributed? Are regulation requirements kept to a minimum in order to maintain a need for the FDA? In reality, how many defects do we miss simply because symptoms are spread out geographically? And with all we consume, I’m sure most gain symptoms from a defect without the ability to trace the source. And if a product is banned based on the premise of causing adverse health effects, shouldn’t it come down to self-awareness and self-control (especially considering alcohol and cigarettes are still legal)? If proper warning information and product composition is present, then I don’t see an issue. Maybe I’m a bit biased to Four Loko in my ripe age and knowledge of its fun effects, but it all comes down to knowing one’s limits. I don’t think it’s fair that the nation is deprived of a product just because a certain demographic could not hold their composure, factor in pre-warned side effects and recognize abuse. Does it really come down to the dollar signs and how much of a niche the governmental agency has within the corporations because things just aren’t adding up for me? I mean, they’re contacting companies and scrutinizing the unhealthy effects of mixing alcohol and caffeine, but can’t one simply go to a bar and order his or her own form of the mixture? Read the rest of this entry »

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Essential Workout Tunes

17 Nov

There isn’t another album that I could recommend more than this one to get you through your workouts for the rest of the year and onto to 2011. Freshly released for free download on Monday, Girl Talk’s A.D.D., pop mash-ups give his albums complete accessibility to anyone to who happens to like music. Enjoy!

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16 Nov

As winter approaches and the days get shorter it’s easy to get lackadaisical.  If you need a little extra motivation to achieve your goals, whether they be health, fitness, or life,  here is a video that might help.


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15 Nov

Isn’t it funny how some things come about?  This morning, for example, I was thinking of what I should blog about today.  I had a few ideas like how to eat healthy for the holidays or how to not go into a turkey coma, but then I started reading the Hungry Girl email for the day.  I was reading through the new cilantro recall and then at the bottom she talked about a new snack called Popcorners!  “Popcorners,” I thought to myself, “how do I know that name?”  Turns out when I was in NY last week I spotted and (of course) took a picture of a Popcorners truck!  I knew taking pictures of EVERYTHING would pay off!

I’ve never had Popcorners before, but their truck was obviously worth my 2 seconds to take a picture of, so why not look into this snack a little more?  Hungry Girl says it’s a guilt free snack and with only a few grams of sugar I can approve them for myself.  They are also all natural, gluten free, and have zero trans fats.  It comes in 4 yummy flavors and looks like a chip, but I guess it’s a combo tortilla chip and popcorn goodness.  Sounds good, but where can I buy them?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Catching Grief For Being Fit

12 Nov

Hey FitWits! I don’t rant very often, but feel that may be the only appropriate way to cover this. It’s more of a question that I have. Why is it socially unacceptable to be overweight, and then also socially unacceptable to be in shape. I know we, at America’s Nutrition, talked about how people don’t want to be overweight and “skinny” people are always portrayed in ads and on TV, but then those skinnier people in real life also hear things from others. For example, I catch grief from friends when I order fruit or vegetables in place of french fries or for cooking meals most nights instead of running to a fast food restaurant close by for dinner. I’ve also heard, “Oh do you have enough calories left for today to eat this,” in a very sarcastic manner. I actually asked my girlfriend one time why she thought people say that, and not only to me personally but to people trying to lose weight in general. She responded by saying that she wished that she had the motivation to eat healthy and run, and that it was almost a jealous response.

Since losing eighty pounds and feeling much more fit and comfortable in my own skin, I have been asked by quite a few people if I have an eating disorder. I guess I don’t understand why that is the first thought that pops into people, who I’d consider pretty close to me, heads. Read the rest of this entry »

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10 Nov

Lately, I’ve been on a Sushi kick. No real reason why.. it just looked really good at the grocery store one day. Obsession commences. I can still remember the first time I tried it a few years ago, and was terrified and disgusted at the idea of eating raw fish. Such a wonderful surprise it was to find out that this was not the case.

I found this nifty article from the Health Guidance discussing the benefits of sushi for a contributing to a healthy diet. I encourage everyone to get a little more sushi in their diets, but don’t overdo it.. or else mercury poisoning could come your way.

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