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Salad Cravings Cured!

31 Jan

All last week I was craving salad.  I usually don’t crave things like salad, but I really wanted a Quesadilla Explosion salad from Chili’s.  Have you had this?  It’s one of my favorite things there!  Sadly if you eat the entire salad, which I normally do, it is 1400 calories.  I wanted to try to make my own version of this salad and see if I could save some calories.

Ingredient List

  • 1 can of black beans – 200 calories
  • 1 can of corn – 171 calories
  • 1 bag of just lettuce – 75 calories
  • 1 medium sized tomato – 38 calories
  • 1 lb of lean and trim chicken – 86 calories
  • 2 tbsp light ranch dressing – 154 calories
  • 2 tbsp western dressing – 100 calories Read the rest of this entry »
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Ways Losing Weight Helps You Save Money

25 Jan

1.      Fit into clothes you’ve outgrown:  You don’t have to buy new clothes when suddenly your skinny jeans fit again.  (Assuming they aren’t acid wash.)
2.      Receive better insurance rates: If you weigh less, companies don’t see insuring you as a huge liability and will adjust your rates accordingly.
3.      Lower prescription costs:  Once you lose weight and lower your blood pressure, chances are good that you won’t need as many drugs to keep you going.
4.      Spend less on lotion, soap, and other personal products: When you have less surface area to cover, you don’t need as much product.
5.      Lower your food bill: Food prices have been steadily increasing over the years.  Counteract this by practicing moderation.
6.      Spend less on home ownership expenses: Not only do you get personal satisfaction from doing your own yard and housework, but over time those savings add up.
7.      Lower your transportation costs: Allow your car to use less gas and never have to worry about buying double airplanes seats.
8.      Lower your power bill: When you’re actually living life, you don’t spend as much time in front of the computer or TV.
9.      Spend less on doctor’s visits: By avoiding the multitude of diseases caused by being overweight, the number of visits you make to the doctor can be drastically reduced.
10. Increase your salary: If you are overweight it may be more difficult to get hired or promoted, especially if you are female.

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A Grocery Store No No

24 Jan

I love reading my Eat this, not that emails and I love watching morning news shows.  Sometimes those two come together to give me disgustingly helpful tips that you are going to want to see for yourself!


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21 Jan

You don’t have to be Macgyver to appreciate that gum has a lot of interesting uses: everything from whitening your teeth to quitting smoking to getting crabs.

A couple months ago Cheryl introduced me to Extra Dessert Delights.  As someone who’s sweet tooth is sharp enough, dangerous enough, and practiced enough to take down a full size chocolate bunny with ease, I felt highly skeptical towards sugar-free gum claiming dessert status.  In fact, I  fully expected it to be trag-esty.

But when I bit into the mint chocolate chip, it was, in a word: delightful.  The flavor was surprisingly realistic and I was even more impressed by the key lime pie and strawberry shortcake.  Even better, this gum sticks together properly and so I can blow some seriously nice bubbles.  I haven’t blown one big enough to get gum stuck in my hair, but my goal is to do that by the end of next week.  Goal setting is immensely important.

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Bad Bagels

17 Jan

I’ve recently heard a lot about bagels being one of the worst breakfast foods.  I like bagels, so I wanted to dive into this and find out more.

Did you know…

  • Eating 1 bagel is like eating 4 slices of bread, which is like 500 calories…
  • Bagels (with no toppings) are extremely high in calories and carbs
  • Adding toppings to bagels is like layering unhealthy on top of unhealthy – who eats bagels plain though?

    I don’t know if knowing this will stop me from eating my beloved bagels because they are just so convenient and delicious!  I’ve tried to eat those skinny bagels – the ones that look like you cut half of a half of a bagel in half – but that just makes me want to eat 2 and that defeats the point.  I guess it all comes down to label reading and calorie counting.  Are there any good bagel replacements?

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    12 Jan

    With the over saturation of the media and information these days, it can be very difficult to decide for yourself what to believe is true, especially when it comes to your health and the foods you put in your body. It’s not unheard of to hear that one food is bad for you and causes some fatal disease, only to be told to eat it in abundance six months later.. We live in a very mixed-up, muddled up, shook up world, and sometimes you learn what you thought you knew wasn’t correct at all.

    Here’s a link to the complete list of Health & Diet Myths, while I touch up thoughts on a few.

    1.) It’s best to eat three meals – Actually, it’s best to spread out your meals into 6 smaller ones throughout the day to keep your energy levels consistent, but they suggest 3 regular meals and 2-3 “strategic snacks.” Personally, this has been one of my biggest issues, in that, sometimes I miss lunch, or don’t dinner until 9, 10 pm. While trying to juggle a job, school and a personal life, sometimes the last thing on my mind is how big my meal is, but how soon until it’s devoured into my stomach. Eating smaller portions regularly is one of my biggest goals of the year, and one I have already begun to work on.

    2.) Skipping meals can help you lose weight – As I stated above, I have a very inconsistent eating schedule, and it hasn’t been apparent until the past year or so that I realized the importance in eating breakfast every single morning. It’s very easy to skip lunch and think it’s OK to pick up those extra calories come dinner time, when in reality, you’re just making it harder on your body and your metabolism.

    3.) You need 38g. of fiber/day – Um, ok..? According to this article, 38g. is near impossible, and I’ll take their word for it. In fact, to eat a completely balanced diet day-in & day-out seems like the ultimate challenge for a human, so I’ll take the advice of “eating sensibly” and “avoiding processed foods” as enough to take care of my digestive system.

    What a good, healthy diet truly comes down to is being sensible. Sure, you can eat that overloaded Mexican burrito gooping in cheese and steak, but you know you’re going to pay for that down the road, in some fashion. To be more healthy requires more self-discipline and self-awareness as to what you put in your body, not counting every stinking calorie or worrying if you got enough Vitamin D for the day. Stay smart and start paying attention more, and soon enough, your body will thank you.

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    How I Lost 20 Pounds

    11 Jan

    On January 1,  2010  I logged into Youtube as I sipped a tall glass of egg nog and saw a video called The Belly Fat Cure under the “recommended for you” heading.  “Well Happy New Years to you too Youtube,” I thought semi-bitterly.

    But since I had heard of Jorge before (he was single handedly responsible for my consumption of flaxseed oil) I thought I would give it a shot.  He started talking about how sugars are hidden in places where you would least expect them like fruit, milk, and yogurt even if those food are thought to be healthy.  It just so happens that because they have sugar in them, they add significant belly fat to your body which in turn can cause multiple diseases.

    Most people to whom I’ve mentioned this diet adamantly refuse to give up their fruit and milk.  They say that they don’t care what some “expert” says and I can practically see a thought bubble with the USDA food pyramid floating out of their heads.  But here’s the thing….I lost 20 pounds on this diet! Ten of those pounds were in the first month alone!  I didn’t change my exercise routine at all during this time, I just strictly followed the 15 grams of sugar and 120 grams of carbohydrates or less per day.
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    Chicago Style Pizza Makeover

    10 Jan

    Last week I was watching a health segment on the news and they were talking about Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.  Yum, right?  Did you know that some of these pizzas can cost you (on average) 380 calories a slice?  That seems like a bit too much, especially since I have to eat at least 2 pieces!  I found a pretty tempting recipe for a deep dish swap that saves on the calories.  Looks pretty delicious to me!

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    Epic Sandwich!

    05 Jan

    So world, I just wanted to let you know that Cheryl gave me the best sandwich of all time earlier! At first I was scared, the ingredients just seemed too bizarre. It wasn’t until I cautiously took my first bite that my perspective on sandwiches changed forever. Before they could never be sweet and savory, sandwiches are just meaty or covered in jelly. Now everything is different. Finally the sandwich so amazing I inhaled it was a: turkey, cheese, mayo, and apple sandwich!!!

    It was crazy tasting! Usually when I eat turkey sandwiches, I put potato chips on them because I like the crunch. You get the same effect, but it’s healthier and combination of the salty turkey and the sweet apple is perfection. This beautiful thing has inspired me to now make weird sandwiches. I know this isn’t some new thing, but it’s new to me which means it’s probably new to others too. Maybe I should experiment with some fruits and meats and other odd things, and try to make a sandwich that sounds strange but tastes incredible. If I continue on this food journey I will keep you posted on the great things I come up with!

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    Famous Nappers

    04 Jan

    Last week I told you about Tired but Wired, a book which presents targeted strategies for dealing with sleep related issues.  One suggestion the book gives is taking a short nap in the middle of the day.  When I think of a nap, I tend to picture crawling into bed in my PJ’s, setting an alarm, and falling asleep.  But that’s not really even necessary.  The most important part is giving your body and mind a change to relax and recharge.  You just have to close your eyes, focus on breathing deeply, and let the tension in your body go.  Whether you have five minutes or fifteen you will be amazed at how much more peaceful and focused you feel afterwards.  Seriously.

    Famous Nappers
    Taken from

    • Winston Churchill – said he needed his afternoon nap to cope with his responsibilities.
    • Thomas Edison attributed his tremendous amount of energy to sleeping whenever he wanted to.
    • John D. Rockefeller took a nap every afternoon in his office.
    • Eleanor Roosevelt was known to take a nap before a speaking engagement.
    • William J. Clinton retired to his private quarters every afternoon at 3:00 for a 30-minute nap.
    • Connie Macktook a nap before every game.
    • Gene Autry used to take an hour nap in his dressing room between performances.
    • Ronald Reagan has the ultimate napping reputation even though his wife denies that he had a napping habit.
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