ABC is not as easy as 123.

19 Oct

Being in high school I hear about a lot of crazy things including, weight loss ideas. Recently I’ve heard about the ABC Diet Plan. I didn’t believe it when people they told me only because it sounded so ridiculous. I decided to do some research and found that it really is as crazy as everyone said it was. I even think that this is foolish decision, and I’m the one blogging about being anorexic. It’s a weird fasting plan that you take part in for 50 days. You can only consume a certain amount of calories a day, which only goes over 500 one time! Here’s the link to see just how insane the calorie intake of this “diet plan” is. After semi experiencing this way of “dieting” I definitely know this is a really bad idea. It is no different than starving yourself, which is a bad choice in the first place. Some days you either eat nothing or only 100 calories. Your body cannot survive on that. Even when I didn’t eat much, I definitely ate more than 100 calories a day. Be careful not to chew too much gum, you might go over the limit!

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