Meet the FitWits


Through the eyes of Steph:

Cheryl – If Cheryl was a superhero, her tag line would be (in a cool superhero introducer kind of voice) ‘Dependable by day, and dependable by night.’ She’s always showing me that there is a fiiine line between customer service rep and party planner, while conquering the work place and life with creativity. Plus, she could win an Iron Chef with her guacamole and fruit pizza.

Ginger – If a contagious laugh was actually contagious in the negative sense, you know, doctors and such, I would be sent to the hospital after every Big G encounter. She conquers every day with a warmth that’s indefinable and intelligence that’s immeasurable. She puts the analytical into active listening and takes on any challenge with a detailed ease. If there was a Microsoft Excel Olympics, she would win. Plus, she cracks up at a majority of my jokes and stories, which doesn’t hurt either.

John – Sometimes, I thought I would go into work one day to discover that John had quit his job to take over the world. That hasn’t happened yet, but he continues to redefine the bro stigma with intelligence, sarcasm and kindness, in addition to good taste in movies & television series. (Lost, anyone?) Now if we could just get him past the Celine Dion obsession…

Matt – M to the A to the double T. Putting the back the ‘funk’ into functionality. Creative, not jaded, producing and playing. And he may be one of the funniest guys I’ve met, just sayin’. Bringing back the fo’ hawk and keeping it fly. If coolness came in liquid form, his cup would never be dry. Cheers to conversation, sarcasm and more, and know you’re in for an adventure (maybe some 80’s hair metal) when Valukis is at the door.

Michael – Michael, Michael, Michael. Very few times have I encountered one that exaggerates humorously more than myself. Roping people in with his persuasiveness and charm, he takes on the world while proving that one really can defeat the word ‘no’ in any situation. If there is a problem, yo, he’ll solve it, and he doesn’t even need a white guy rap to prove it. (That’s a Vanilla  Ice reference for those of you uncultured ones out there). He gives more than he gets, and who can’t admire that?

Sam – Somewhat of a mini-me minus the whole being Verne Troyer part. Sisterhood and friendship don’t always go hand in hand but when they do, as with us, we’re the type that will make it past the sweaty palms. Always reppin’ the tye-dye, reflecting her colorful personality (that’s Hallmark worthy), while exploring and learning the world with endless curiosity. She’ll do great things. Fly away, little one, and know I’m always at the nest!

Tony – Tony, more like Tonooe. Heh. But one would never guess by how quickly he has adapted and simmered into this crock pot of flava’ we refer to as the America’s Nutrition staff. His smile could light up the office without electricity, and my respect for his dedication to a healthy lifestyle change exceeds the amount of pounds he lost. 5-Star guy. (Just make sure you eat before if you ever go bowling with him.)

Zach (Creach) – Ultimate friend and mental book writer. Laughing & swaying, day by daying. You know there has to be something intriguing going on up there if his nickname is Creature. A passionate fellow with stars in his eyes. Oh, and if anyone is doing an experiment regarding telepathic abilities, get at Creatch and I.

As told by Sam:

Steph – You know you make me want to shout!  As an older sister of mine, I constantly look up to her.  Even though I used to not always want to admit it, I can’t think of a better role model that her.  She has an incredible taste in music, style, and design.  She is a  human sponge with a thirst for the funkiest juice of life.   Her funny bone is quite large, for you can’t help but laugh at her insane impressions and raps.  She adds humanity and humor to any group.  No matter how down in the dumps you are, Stephanie has no problem bringing you above sea level!

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  1. Dori

    October 4, 2010 at 8:00 pm

    America’s Nutrition looks like such a fun place to work! I wish I could be a FitWit. Congrats on the blog, it looks and reads great!