Bad Bagels

17 Jan

I’ve recently heard a lot about bagels being one of the worst breakfast foods.  I like bagels, so I wanted to dive into this and find out more.

Did you know…

  • Eating 1 bagel is like eating 4 slices of bread, which is like 500 calories…
  • Bagels (with no toppings) are extremely high in calories and carbs
  • Adding toppings to bagels is like layering unhealthy on top of unhealthy – who eats bagels plain though?

    I don’t know if knowing this will stop me from eating my beloved bagels because they are just so convenient and delicious!  I’ve tried to eat those skinny bagels – the ones that look like you cut half of a half of a bagel in half – but that just makes me want to eat 2 and that defeats the point.  I guess it all comes down to label reading and calorie counting.  Are there any good bagel replacements?

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