Epic Sandwich!

05 Jan

So world, I just wanted to let you know that Cheryl gave me the best sandwich of all time earlier! At first I was scared, the ingredients just seemed too bizarre. It wasn’t until I cautiously took my first bite that my perspective on sandwiches changed forever. Before they could never be sweet and savory, sandwiches are just meaty or covered in jelly. Now everything is different. Finally the sandwich so amazing I inhaled it was a: turkey, cheese, mayo, and apple sandwich!!!

It was crazy tasting! Usually when I eat turkey sandwiches, I put potato chips on them because I like the crunch. You get the same effect, but it’s healthier and combination of the salty turkey and the sweet apple is perfection. This beautiful thing has inspired me to now make weird sandwiches. I know this isn’t some new thing, but it’s new to me which means it’s probably new to others too. Maybe I should experiment with some fruits and meats and other odd things, and try to make a sandwich that sounds strange but tastes incredible. If I continue on this food journey I will keep you posted on the great things I come up with!

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