14 Oct

So I’ve come to the realization that my nights are unpredictable. Between friends asking to go to dinner, events preventing me from making dinner, and the array of fall temptations floating around (let’s just say we had a torrential downpour of cake balls this weekend), it’s very easy to derail once those evening classes let out. I’ve always had the all-or-nothing mentality, which damages my efforts in the end as it results in binging. Deprivation is not a friendly word, and everyone deserves a good pat on their taste buds every now and then. Now that I’ve accepted this truth that anything is okay in moderation, I prioritize temptations in terms of what is worth the calories and what isn’t, which has given me a new appreciation for my sense of taste. You start to realize how most junk food lacks quality flavor. It is just the psychology taking over because you know you shouldn’t consume something. It also makes it easier to go below portion sizes with the sweets knowing that a long, lonely, dark dessertless period won’t be following the mini sugar-rush.

Now that I know my evenings will be more lenient, optimizing my days has been a breeze. I still go through the day with the mindset that I won’t derail in the evening, but I still maintain proper preparation just in case. I’ve decided to change my workout schedule to about an hour of aerobic exercise 4-6 times a week, normally burning 500 calories, in addition to mucho walking throughout the day. I go directly before or after my classes, so despite it feeling like an obligation in terms of schedule, I’ve enjoyed the actual exercise way more. (Hence the name Exercitment!) The aerobic levels are much more tolerable, and I just dance my way through the hour with my trusty Ipod. My caloric intake is pretty low as I stick to mostly vegetables during the day, so I feel very comfortable by dinner time. I’m going to test out this new system for the next couple weeks and see how my body and overall well-being responds. I also plan on keeping a spreadsheet to monitor my eating habits and note how often I actually do succumb to evening rivalry. (Hopefully, not too much) How does this differ from your eating/exercising system? Do you keep a food/fitness diary or spreadsheet? Do you have any suggestions?

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