Foods to Fight Stress

03 Jan

I was going through my emails after the long weekend and I spotted one that revealed the 7 best stress fighting foods.   I was about to delete the email, thinking it was going to be full with weird healthy foods, but after being distracted for a while and forgetting it was there, I decided to take a gander.

I was really surprised when I started reading the email because it wasn’t filled with crazy health foods.  Instead it was suggesting Starbucks and Peanut M&Ms.  After reading the entire email I almost wished I was stressed more often to have the excuse to eat more chocolate (because stressed is desserts spelled backwards).

You can read the entire article from Men’s Health here, but I listed the 7 step short version (made into a story) for those who are too stressed to click another link.

  1. Let’s say you are stuck in traffic or in a highly annoying situation that you cannot control.  For this type of scenario, it is suggested that a skim-milk chai latte and half a bagel with cream cheese will provide some energy and make you less cranky.
  2. Now that you have made it to work after the long hour wait in traffic, you need to prepare for your BIG presentation to your boss.  Feeling a little nervous?  Having the glass of milk will help calm your body, so you can proceed like a pro!
  3. After your awesome presentation, your boss invites you to lunch.  Palms sweating, you flip though the menu trying to decide on what to eat.  It is suggested that eating a salad with chicken or fish will actually help feel better and less nervous.
  4. The lunch went well, but your boss asked you to to present another presentation to a major client.  After returning to work, you start to feel sick and overcome with stress.  Surprisingly, having some Peanut M&Ms will help keep you focused, so dig out those dollars and head to the vending machine.
  5. Now the work day is done and you are heading home late because the lunch and presentations took up half of your day.  You walk in the door to a fuming (wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom, dad, etc.) who is wondering why you are so late!  To calm the frustrations from both sides, how about a nice dinner of salmon to lower anxiety?
  6. Dinner is through and it’s time to head out to the gym.  You start playing an intense game of basketball, but you just aren’t doing your best.  Need a boost?  Try snacking on some fruit to help jolt your energy to finish out the game.
  7. Now you are finally home.  After a long day filled to the brim with frustrations you find yourself in bed staring at the ceiling.  You can’t sleep.  Luckily you have some oatmeal and bananas in the kitchen.  This little snack will help you to fall asleep.

Hopefully you don’t have many days, but if you do you can find some pretty accessible and inexpensive snacks to get you through to tomorrow!

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