How to Lose Weight Like a Guy

21 Dec

Sometimes it seems unfair that when guys decided to lose weight the pounds seem to melt off, while females have to battle years of biological history ensuring that we remain effective incubators.  Awhile back I found this article on Self and thought it had some good insights into things that guys do differently.  <>

One of the best tips is “care about your stats.”  Goals related to looking better can be vague and difficult to measure.  Guys push themselves to run faster or lift more then last time so they have easily measurable performance results that serve as a motivator.  Females can do the same.  Another good tip is “don’t (over)think-do.”  One of my friends recently explained that she couldn’t workout because she didn’t have time to figure out an exact fitness plan.  The truth is that if you go out there, push yourself, and stay consistent you will see results.  Overall, these tips are a great way to stop over-thinking fitness and start working out.

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