L is for the Lbs you gain today

14 Feb

So today is Valentine’s Day – the day that some love to love or love to hate.  Either way, I heard an interesting statistic today that American’s spend upwards of $17 million on Valentine’s Day presents.  I thought this was a lot, but when you compare it to Christmas, which is about $300 million, then it’s not so bad I guess.

Watching the news this morning was pretty interesting though.  Stories ranging from where to buy the best flowers to love letter writing, but it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some chocolate, right?  Of course some of the worst Valentine’s chocolates are the best tasting, but do you really want to waste 100+ calories per tiny piece of chocolate you eat?  If you ate an entire heart shaped box of chocolate it would be putting you back at least 600 calories – depending on the size of the heart.  Something else that might ruin your V-Day is that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate because it doesn’t contain any cocoa.  It’s basically just sugar and fat.  I love chocolate, but I guess I wouldn’t be very happy with a heart shaped box of sugar and fat to celebrate love.

On a side note – There was one story that caught my eye this morning about Barbie and Ken.  Maybe I’m just way out of the loop, but apparently Barbie and Ken broke up and are now back together?  Or at least Ken is trying to get back together with Barbie.  Who knew there needed to be an entire news segment dedicated towards the love lives of dolls…

Anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

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