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How I Lost 20 Pounds

11 Jan

On January 1,  2010  I logged into Youtube as I sipped a tall glass of egg nog and saw a video called The Belly Fat Cure under the “recommended for you” heading.  “Well Happy New Years to you too Youtube,” I thought semi-bitterly.

But since I had heard of Jorge before (he was single handedly responsible for my consumption of flaxseed oil) I thought I would give it a shot.  He started talking about how sugars are hidden in places where you would least expect them like fruit, milk, and yogurt even if those food are thought to be healthy.  It just so happens that because they have sugar in them, they add significant belly fat to your body which in turn can cause multiple diseases.

Most people to whom I’ve mentioned this diet adamantly refuse to give up their fruit and milk.  They say that they don’t care what some “expert” says and I can practically see a thought bubble with the USDA food pyramid floating out of their heads.  But here’s the thing….I lost 20 pounds on this diet! Ten of those pounds were in the first month alone!  I didn’t change my exercise routine at all during this time, I just strictly followed the 15 grams of sugar and 120 grams of carbohydrates or less per day.
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Famous Nappers

04 Jan

Last week I told you about Tired but Wired, a book which presents targeted strategies for dealing with sleep related issues.  One suggestion the book gives is taking a short nap in the middle of the day.  When I think of a nap, I tend to picture crawling into bed in my PJ’s, setting an alarm, and falling asleep.  But that’s not really even necessary.  The most important part is giving your body and mind a change to relax and recharge.  You just have to close your eyes, focus on breathing deeply, and let the tension in your body go.  Whether you have five minutes or fifteen you will be amazed at how much more peaceful and focused you feel afterwards.  Seriously.

Famous Nappers
Taken from

  • Winston Churchill – said he needed his afternoon nap to cope with his responsibilities.
  • Thomas Edison attributed his tremendous amount of energy to sleeping whenever he wanted to.
  • John D. Rockefeller took a nap every afternoon in his office.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt was known to take a nap before a speaking engagement.
  • William J. Clinton retired to his private quarters every afternoon at 3:00 for a 30-minute nap.
  • Connie Macktook a nap before every game.
  • Gene Autry used to take an hour nap in his dressing room between performances.
  • Ronald Reagan has the ultimate napping reputation even though his wife denies that he had a napping habit.
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Tired But Wired

28 Dec

I’ve never had a natural talent for falling asleep, not as a small child insisting that I HAD to have a third glass of water and not now that I chose my own bedtime.  I’m fine once I fall asleep (I once fell five feet out of a bunk bed, laid on the ground for three minutes, and then climbed back into bed without ever waking- according to my roommate.)  I picked up this book hoping it would offer something more helpful than “drink of glass of milk” or “don’t run a 5k before bed.”  I got some terrific tips that are sending the sheep to a temp agency.

1) Breakfast: Eating breakfast as quickly as you can after you wake up and never waiting longer than 30 minutes is a great way to jump start your body for the day and makes it easier to fall asleep later.

2) Total Health:  The quality of your sleep is affected by the foods you eat, how much water you drink, and the amount of exercise you get.

3) Resting:  When you don’t give your body and brain a rest during the day, it kicks into overdrive and makes it much hard to change gears later.  By giving your brain breaks throughout the day and taking short naps, the transition becomes less challenging.

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How to Lose Weight Like a Guy

21 Dec

Sometimes it seems unfair that when guys decided to lose weight the pounds seem to melt off, while females have to battle years of biological history ensuring that we remain effective incubators.  Awhile back I found this article on Self and thought it had some good insights into things that guys do differently.  <>

One of the best tips is “care about your stats.”  Goals related to looking better can be vague and difficult to measure.  Guys push themselves to run faster or lift more then last time so they have easily measurable performance results that serve as a motivator.  Females can do the same.  Another good tip is “don’t (over)think-do.”  One of my friends recently explained that she couldn’t workout because she didn’t have time to figure out an exact fitness plan.  The truth is that if you go out there, push yourself, and stay consistent you will see results.  Overall, these tips are a great way to stop over-thinking fitness and start working out.

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Top Ten Workout Fashion Flubs

14 Dec

10. Sweatband headband: This shows that you take your workouts seriously.  You don’t have time to reach for a towel, you have to stop that sweat on instant contact.  What better way to do that than a fuzzy, puffy head accessory?

9. Clashing Colors: Basically, if any colors are remotely close to each other on the color wheel, you should wear them together.  By wearing olive green and kelly green simultaneously you can help people feel like their eyes are burning calories. 

8. Crew cut socks:  If you find ankle socks a bit risque, than taller socks are certainly your best bet.  The weather is getting rather nippy and you know that your ankles deserve a little TLC this holiday season.

7. Hooters Shirt:  What easier way to say, “No, you’re not paranoid, I actually am staring at your chest.”

6. Slitted Shirts: Don’t let heat and moisture get trapped inside your shirt, slit your shirt up the sides to get that randy sailboat effect.

5. Repeat outfits: Since you’re going to get sweaty anyway, why bother starting out with clean clothes in the first place?  Just wear the same black Adidas shorts every day and they will be your trademark, like Tony the Tiger’s bandanna or Mr. Peanut’s monocle.

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Top Ten Ways to be Awesome at the Gym

07 Dec

10) Challenge the person next to you: While you do not have to issue them a formal duel on the treadmill, you can try to match them stride for stride or go even faster than they are (assuming you first consulted your doctor.)

9) Jump rope: An hour of jump roping burns as many calories as running 6 miles in an hour. Plus, you can do sweet moves like the Running Man, the Irish Fling, or the Wounded Duck.

8 ) Start a game of Knockout or Around the World: Besides Romper Stompers, Knockout remains one of the most under-rated pastimes in history. What better way to unite people with upper extremities?

7) Bust a dance move and/or skip randomly: People tend to be on their guard at the gym because they risk looking sweaty, unattractive, and potentially feeble in the presence of strangers. So why not lighten things up by bobbing you head to your Ipod, moonwalking, or skipping around the track?

6) Try new classes/equipment: Occasionally you’ll be chugging along on the elliptical and you’ll wonder if you’ve been on it for ten minutes or ten years… Make it a goal to try something new each week. This way you’ll keep your workouts peppy and cerebrally-engaged.

5) Wear knee socks: I confess, my ulterior motive is a formerly secret plot to bring the knee sock back in a big way. Now, this is probably slightly more applicable for women than men, but it’s an easy way to make a strong statement while actually wearing clothes.

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Top Ten Ways to Annoy People at the Gym

30 Nov

10) Avoiding: Blatantly disregard any and all signage because you are above such things.  This includes the hours for the facility, the time limits on equipment, which lanes are used for what, etc.  If you are going to workout class, show up right in the middle and require assistance of some sort.

9) Grunting: When lifting, do not merely gasp for air or softly groan.  If you do that, no one will be able to tell what a stud you are or how hard you are working.  You need to make it sound like you’re giving birth to a herd of elephants.

8)  Stinking: Avoid antiperspirant like the plague.  If you do try to mask that sweaty smell, use organic deodorant that gives your body odor an apricot flavor.  Another option is making your own deodorant at home and telling everyone one how self-sufficient and sustainable you are.

7) Puddling: Get so sweaty that you looked like you just escaped a particularly violent monsoon, drip all over the equipment, and neglect to wipe it up.  Don’t even pretend to look for a towel or act like you forgot, just defiantly stare down anyone you suspect of challenging you.

6) Drinking: Don’t just drink protein powder in the comfort of your home, take it to the gym and actually mix it on one of weight benches to ensure that it is absolutely the right consistency and was not affected by the three mile drive to the gym.

5) Coughing: Even if you are at death’s doorstep, you must not miss a workout. When you get to the gym start by running a few laps and cough in regular intervals so that your contagion will be spread consistently like pollution from the tailpipe of a 94’ Taurus.

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