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Meet FitWit Ginger

02 Oct

So, all of my super healthy habits just recently started after taking a 10 Day challenge to be super healthy and eat close to the earth.  I took the challenge with my husband and we lasted for over 30 days!!  It just changed my life and I haven’t been the same ever since –just ask any of the other FitWits!

The challenge was mostly a cleansing diet that reset my body to how it was really supposed to work.  Ever since, I have an amazing amount of energy and motivation and my body is incredibly optimized and regular – if you know what I mean! (my apologies if that’s TMI).  I feel GREAT!

Feeling great is really important because I have a very busy lifestyle that includes leading a business, playing with my 3 year old son, traveling a lot, keeping up with an enormous set of family activities and trying to stay sexy enough that my husband wants to practice having another baby!!!  I guess it just feels like a lot to balance sometimes, so my body needs to be ready to make anything happen at any time.  🙂  That is why it is super important for me to feel great as often as possible, so when this new way of eating made me feel so amazing I HAD to keep doing it!  Now I am hooked and I can’t wait to share it with you.

How much of your life would change if you felt GREAT most of the time?!?

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