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16 Nov

As winter approaches and the days get shorter it’s easy to get lackadaisical.  If you need a little extra motivation to achieve your goals, whether they be health, fitness, or life,  here is a video that might help.


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The 10 best weight loss thoughts you will hear….ever

06 Oct

I am often asked the best way to lose weight.  Most of the time I don’t bother answering seriously because I know the person doesn’t really care.  However, if I was planning on answering seriously here is what I would say:

(1)  To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume.  A 200lb male burns around 2400-2500 in a normal day.  I would suggest trying to ballpark eating around 2000 calories a day for a couple of weeks.  Measure your progress and adjust accordingly.

(2)  Calories should come from proteins, healthy fats, and carbs.  Diet staples should/could include chicken, fish, lean ground beef, lean cuts of steak, eggs, cottage cheese, all fruits and vegetables.  Carb sources are up to you and how you feel your body responds to carbs.

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Fun with Tri-ing

28 Sep

So why at the age of 27 did I decide that I should start doing triathlons?  One too many beers led to a bet with a good friend which led to me buying a bike and training my butt off all summer.  Here is the report from my second ever triathlon.

Swimming:  Growing up on a lake I always thought I was a good swimmer.  And maybe I was.  “Was” being the key word. Maybe it’s because as I grow older I spend less and less time on the lake.  Maybe it’s because I never used to swim 500m with 50 other people around while being timed.  Whatever the reason is, I can promise you I no longer consider myself a good swimmer.  This was my second triathlon and I think the swim got even harder. Read the rest of this entry »

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