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Theo the EO BotFish!!!

24 Feb

Hello ladies and gentleman of the world. I am here to tell you all about our new friend Theo! He is a red Betta Fish with plenty of personality. He loves to swim around and eat his Betta food, and occasionally he will come up for air. Mr. Matt Valucis was wonderful enough to buy him for us as an office pet. His color is really cool, because he is all red but his sides kind of have dots on them. The dots first start out as a really dark red, and slowly become almost bright light blue. Theo swims among his little red pebbles, and I think he is happy here. He has no issue with sitting and listening to your problems. Oddly enough if you sit and talk to him, he will make eye contact with you the entire time. I’m so glad that we are able to raise such a brilliant and lovely fish.Theo is the best fish in the whole wide world!!

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Epic Sandwich!

05 Jan

So world, I just wanted to let you know that Cheryl gave me the best sandwich of all time earlier! At first I was scared, the ingredients just seemed too bizarre. It wasn’t until I cautiously took my first bite that my perspective on sandwiches changed forever. Before they could never be sweet and savory, sandwiches are just meaty or covered in jelly. Now everything is different. Finally the sandwich so amazing I inhaled it was a: turkey, cheese, mayo, and apple sandwich!!!

It was crazy tasting! Usually when I eat turkey sandwiches, I put potato chips on them because I like the crunch. You get the same effect, but it’s healthier and combination of the salty turkey and the sweet apple is perfection. This beautiful thing has inspired me to now make weird sandwiches. I know this isn’t some new thing, but it’s new to me which means it’s probably new to others too. Maybe I should experiment with some fruits and meats and other odd things, and try to make a sandwich that sounds strange but tastes incredible. If I continue on this food journey I will keep you posted on the great things I come up with!

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Dance like no one is watching!!!

21 Dec

Recently I have found weird things that boost my mood when I’m not feeling very good. I go into my living room and play Girl Talk as loud as I can, and dance my life away. Not even in a good way, some might not even call it dancing. I think it’s more of a wiggle that seems to go with the music. I really can’t dance at all, but I like to pretend that I can =]. So far it helps because not only I am doing something I enjoy, but I’m also up and moving. It’s more fun if you can get someone else to join in with you. Then you can be really silly and don’t feel so dorky. If I’m not in a location where I’m able to get up or dance, or even if I don’t have music I find other things like snacks! My favorite recently has been almonds and Nutella. It’s a decent snack that still contains chocolate that is not super bad for you! Another recent love is reading Shel Silverstein poems. I used to read them all the time when I was younger, but now I love them even more. I know it seems like nothing, but it’s the little things that count. Just recently I realized that it is better to have an open mind, do silly things. Who honestly is going to care? As long as you are enjoying yourself while doing it, it shouldn’t matter. Before when I would get upset, I would just lie around and do nothing. It only added to my terrible mood. I and others should be more willing to do dumb things. Also now it’s almost the holidays, so everyone just make cookies and we will all be happy!!!!!!

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ABC is not as easy as 123.

19 Oct

Being in high school I hear about a lot of crazy things including, weight loss ideas. Recently I’ve heard about the ABC Diet Plan. I didn’t believe it when people they told me only because it sounded so ridiculous. I decided to do some research and found that it really is as crazy as everyone said it was. I even think that this is foolish decision, and I’m the one blogging about being anorexic. It’s a weird fasting plan that you take part in for 50 days. You can only consume a certain amount of calories a day, which only goes over 500 one time! Here’s the link to see just how insane the calorie intake of this “diet plan” is. After semi experiencing this way of “dieting” I definitely know this is a really bad idea. It is no different than starving yourself, which is a bad choice in the first place. Some days you either eat nothing or only 100 calories. Your body cannot survive on that. Even when I didn’t eat much, I definitely ate more than 100 calories a day. Be careful not to chew too much gum, you might go over the limit!

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The mind rules the belly

12 Oct

There was once a boy in my life who decided to say goodbye. Me being as emotional as I am, didn’t take it very well and wasn’t ready for goodbyes just yet. For me, my only option was to not eat. I gained about 20 pounds throughout our relationship, but I didn’t actually notice until after the break up. It started with simply just being too upset, not wanting to eat, (that was how Sam coped with everything) to realizing that I was losing weight and using it as a way of getting “healthy.” When I saw the difference I set a goal with the ridiculous behavior. I was at a good 180 pounds, and I stand at about 5 feet 6 inches so that is a little too much weight. I managed to drop myself down to about 145 from the end of September to the beginning of November. I continued on this way through the holidays. My family could tell and would always confront me on it. I tried to tell them and myself that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They let it go only because they did see me eat, but the only time I ate is when they were watching. Winter time was difficult though, because everything you do is based around food. I started my job at Bottled Fitness in December. At that point I had received so much ridicule from my sisters that I had enough. Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet FitWit Sam

24 Aug

Why hello there internet, my name is Sam. I am your pretty typical teenage girl. I struggle with many things including: school, family, friends, work, and myself. I had a huge downfall in the fall of 2009, and had a pretty difficult time taking care of myself. I went from binge eating, to hardly ever eating at all. I managed to lose about 40 pounds in 2 ½ months through starvation. It wasn’t until I began my job at Bottled Fitness I realized that what I was doing was completely inappropriate. Sure I was losing weight, but I had many consequences along the way. Over the next few weeks I am going to continue to write about my hard times dealing with many insecurities, and how I was able to overcome them and rebuild myself in a healthy way.

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