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Health & Age: Where does one draw the line?

09 Dec

So I’ve been hearing a lot of debate regarding the issue of children’s health with child obesity on the rise, which got me questioning, of course. At what age should one become health conscious? How far are parents going to reflect their healthy lifestyles on their children? Are health-obsessive adults depriving/penalizing their children? Do certain types of food add to childhood? At what point should parents start to intervene with children’s eating habits, especially if they don’t exercise a healthy lifestyle? Is it a matter of hypocrisy or just a matter of wanting optimal health for your child even if you don’t exercise that on your own life?

Yes, yes, all very debatable and open-ended, but I wanted to get the analytical juices flowing. I guess this post will act as a precursor to some issues I will be researching for future posts. But, as I like to do, I thought I would end my foreshadowing post with some comedic relief. One can almost always depend on Saturday Night Life to catch the humor in anything controversial. Enjoy!

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The FDA: Friend or Foe?

18 Nov

Between my political science exam on Monday and the recent banning threat on Four Lokos, a caffeinated malt beverage that is a party favorite among my friends and I, I can’t help but wonder how beneficial the FDA really is. Imean, recalls are helpful, but shouldn’t regulation that can prevent a recall be necessary before a food or product is even distributed? Are regulation requirements kept to a minimum in order to maintain a need for the FDA? In reality, how many defects do we miss simply because symptoms are spread out geographically? And with all we consume, I’m sure most gain symptoms from a defect without the ability to trace the source. And if a product is banned based on the premise of causing adverse health effects, shouldn’t it come down to self-awareness and self-control (especially considering alcohol and cigarettes are still legal)? If proper warning information and product composition is present, then I don’t see an issue. Maybe I’m a bit biased to Four Loko in my ripe age and knowledge of its fun effects, but it all comes down to knowing one’s limits. I don’t think it’s fair that the nation is deprived of a product just because a certain demographic could not hold their composure, factor in pre-warned side effects and recognize abuse. Does it really come down to the dollar signs and how much of a niche the governmental agency has within the corporations because things just aren’t adding up for me? I mean, they’re contacting companies and scrutinizing the unhealthy effects of mixing alcohol and caffeine, but can’t one simply go to a bar and order his or her own form of the mixture? Read the rest of this entry »

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04 Nov

When deciding to take the route of health vs. simply weight loss, I decided to dive into In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto by Michael Pollan, the renowned author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma. I have only made it through a handful of chapters, but it has been very intriguing so far and touches on the historical background of what it means to be nutritious, the scientific beginnings of nutrients and how the government has played a role. That is all I have encountered thus far, but the book essentially tells you what you should and should not eat, what fallacies have been made in the nutritious mainstream, and how we can avoid consuming science over actual food. Yes, all very captivating, and I can’t wait to continue on in the book, but a notion Pollan brought up actually stopped me in my mental tracks, that notion being ‘orthorexia’. Pollan defines the term as an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. The term was first proposed in 1996 by Steven Bratman, though it is not yet recognized as a legitimate eating disorder. We make up a nation focused on nutrition and eating a healthy, Western diet, yet we’re a notably unhealthy population. Something is terribly wrong with this picture, and it got me thinking of my own ‘nutritional’ background…

For about 90% of my life, I have been anything but health conscious. I ate exactly what I wanted to when I wanted to, being leisurely active came naturally, and an unhealthy weight was merely a character flaw; something I was used to. I was self-conscious, of course, but I was lacking knowledge and will-power to make a change. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I endured my first ‘diet’ and began a routine exercise regime. Read the rest of this entry »

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28 Oct

With Halloween right around the corner, I’ve been thinking about how many yummy, anti-healthy treats are going to be right at my finger tips. Unfortunately, I’ve surpassed the trick-or-treating age (although I have considered otherwise 🙂 ), so I have that going for me, but what about the clearance candy the day after Halloween? And what if you pass out candy? Depending on the ratio of purchased candy to legitimate trick-or-treaters, you may have the most candy in the end. To get some guidance, I found these helpful tips on It shows eight familiar ‘fun-size’ treats, their caloric content, and what you can do to make up for indulging.

Sometimes I wonder what the true intentions were behind making those delectable ‘fun-size’ candy bars and treats… Maybe it’s merely an illusion that we’re eating less of a bad thing, despite my tendency to eat a little extra because of the size. Not to mention, the individual ‘fun-sizers’ do not have nutritional information on the wrapper. Cruel. So cruel, especially since the amounts of calories in the treats mentioned are the scariest things I’ve seen so far this Halloween. I’ve always believed my metabolism naturally increases at this time of year, making the candy consumption acceptable. BUT its time to escape the denial and pass on the savory treats. Plus, I’m dressing up as a slice of pizza, so maybe becoming a piece of pizza will reduce my cravings. Just maybe. What are you going to be for Halloween, and what candy are you willing to make the sacrifice for each pumpkin-filled season?

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14 Oct

So I’ve come to the realization that my nights are unpredictable. Between friends asking to go to dinner, events preventing me from making dinner, and the array of fall temptations floating around (let’s just say we had a torrential downpour of cake balls this weekend), it’s very easy to derail once those evening classes let out. I’ve always had the all-or-nothing mentality, which damages my efforts in the end as it results in binging. Deprivation is not a friendly word, and everyone deserves a good pat on their taste buds every now and then. Now that I’ve accepted this truth that anything is okay in moderation, I prioritize temptations in terms of what is worth the calories and what isn’t, which ha Read the rest of this entry »

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A Shot of Exercise

07 Oct

The only thing worse than a calorie is an empty calorie, but that plague is hard to avoid when you’re surviving one of the biggest party campuses in the country. I may indulge in a drink or two when the time is right, but I always seem to feel the regret in the morning in terms of, you know, health… So, to make myself feel better, I’ve found some comedic relief to mentally sugar-coat a bad habit many of us tend to encounter. Enjoy!

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk

I mean, walking to the party counts as exercise, right? 😉 Thanks,


Pizza Party!

30 Sep

I’ve determined that food is one of my ultimate sources of gratification. Supply, taste and the sense of feeling satiated are about as dependable as they come. This isn’t an issue, per say, until one starts abusing the means of fulfilling hunger. Bad food tastes delicious; simple as that.

Cheese? Yes, please. Ice Cream? Doesn’t count as a food, so there is always room. Pasta? Every noodle deserves a quality tummy. So how does one manage to conquer healthy living without feeling completely deprived…or like a role model to sacrifice…or like a poor soul plate shopping as he or she watches everyone else’s mouth enjoy the delicious parts of life? Find amazing alternatives.

If I could love a food as much as my mom, it would be pizza. Maaaybe a bit of an exaggeration…but not really. Cheese is my comida-downfall. Sprinkle, no, smother that on some light sauce, garlic, chicken and black olives, all snuggled together on a sturdy structure of crust, and you have won over FitWit Stephanie’s heart. It is just so customizable and delicious, what’s not to like?! Oh, yeah. The whole calorie/carb aspect, but sometimes that realization gets lost in the aroma and visuals, and one succumbs to its Italian goodness. Sorry to be so descriptive, but this is coming from a recovering pita pizza addict. Well, let’s just say I finally put my health foot down and demanded an alternative that still held the same incredible pizza euphoria. I’ve been a non-stop recipe hunter since moving in with my new roommate, as she loves food, cooking and baking as much as myself, and on my quest I came across a very intriguing idea: Zucchini Pizza Bites.

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A Tale of a Lost Scale

23 Sep

When I said goodbye to my childhood home the day I left for college, I also said goodbye to the vicious pound reader tucked away in our bathroom. Every morning I would routinely wake up (obviously), head to the bathroom, release what I could in the porcelain weight loss express and force myself to face the numbers that would make or break my morning. Cheers to the Tuesdays that would knock off three pounds after recovering from the weekend, and tears to those dreadful Sunday mornings, well, afternoons that would reveal a whole week’s worth of efforts in the form of addition. (Addition of pound, that is) Even the days when I plateau’d were negative because I felt lost in a standstill. It got to the point where it didn’t matter how I felt physically, despite constantly reminding myself that muscle weighs Read the rest of this entry »


A Musical Tribute to Vegetables

10 Sep

Ohh, how I love those leafy greens. Plant-based, low calorie, nutrient-dense, refreshing, should I continue?

Unfortunately, too many people would’ve stopped me before I even got to plant-based…

Veggies seem to be the number one food enemy in some people’s attempts to eat healthier (just ask FitWit John), but they’re the most important and beneficial! The key is to have fun with them. I like to think of myself as a ‘Vegetable Artist’. There is nothing I love more than playing with spices, dressings, cooking oils, healthy dips and peanut butter when it comes to the undressed veggies.  Yet playing dress-up with your vegetables STILL isn’t enough for the carnivores who think lettuce is simply rabbit food. In my best attempt to add some positive association (and fun) to plant munching, I would like to share a song that always brings a smile to my face. And who knows, maybe its catchiness will pop into all of the veggie-haters’ heads out there the next time you’re grocery shopping and serenade you into the produce section. (You never know…)  So grab a carrot and listen up.


Meet FitWit Stephanie

01 Sep

There is nothing I fear more than an online ‘About Me’ section or introduction. I find it difficult to put myself into virtual words without sounding too showy or monotonous. I mean, no one is as perfect as his or hers ‘About Me’ or introduction sounds, but no one wants a sob story either. Well, Lifetime is still happening, so maybe I’m wrong. My name is Stephanie, by the way. Also the older (or what I like to call more wise) sister to blogging Sam. I’m a twenty year old, IU going, picture-taking, music listening, adventure going, book reading, bike riding young woman with a lot of dreams in her head but lacking the ability to sort through them properly at this time in my life. (That was a mouthful…brainful? Hm.) Luckily, I’m technically a sophomore, so I’m hoping to gain momentum and direction by the time graduation rolls around. I tend to be obnoxious, in the right ways if that’s possible, and my love for satire rarely goes below the surface. My family is one of my favorite things on this planet (next to the outdoors and cheese). Of course, our dysfunctionality can overlay everything else at times, but any Mom & Dad that can handle the estrogen over-load of 4 developing girls are quality in my book. Plus, we have the greatest pets ever. I’m going for the whole ‘live in the moment’ way of life, and I couldn’t be happier. Escaping my head and absorbing the world is much better.

I started working for America’s Nutrition way back when in the dark ages of December ’07. You couldn’t have paid me, fortunately they still are ;), to believe that I would still be working for tremendous people while attending college in Bloomington three years later. What a ride. Read the rest of this entry »

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