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Help Nathan Buy Firefly

25 Feb

Typically this blog is devoted to serious, important topics such as nutrition, health, and Theo the EO Botfish.  Today I’m going  slightly off topic to mention a movement currently sweeping across the nation.  No, it’s not Atkins Redux.  I’m talking about Help Nathan Buy Firefly.  If you’re not familiar with the show, it was easily one of the greatest of all time.  A space western with an Asian flair it captivated the imaginations of many.  But apparently not enough since it was canceled in 2002 by Fox after only half a season aired.  For years the resentment of diehard fans has simmered under the surface.  Recently, actor Nathan Fillion said that if he had the money, he would buy the rights to the show.  Fans took this as a call to action.  In only a week, 82,000 people joined the Help Nathan Buy Firefly page and said things like:

  • I’ll totally give $500!
  • If this works, I’m naming my first child Mal or Serenity.
  • Firefly was the only show I ever loved…
  • Print these fliers (which read Don’t Forget to Wash) and put them in bathroom stalls everywhere!
  • Let’s get Colbert involved!

The sum creative energy of these Browncoats, as the call themselves, have finally been unleashed and show no signs of slowing down.

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War of the Web Apps

23 Feb

Both Cheryl and Tony have mentioned My Fitness Pal as a web application for losing weight.  To be honest, it seems like the kind of perfectly nice website that you could take home to your mother.  I use which is smokin’ hot.  It is, without question, one of the most gorgeous and user friendly websites I have ever seen.  If it were a man, I would marry him.

The best part is that  everyone else trying to lose weight supports you no matter what happens.  When you spend days bingeing on cheesecake and Cocoa Pebbles and gain four pounds….ahem….they remind you that tomorrow is a new day and that the important thing is to be patient with yourself.  It’s like Facebook in that people share their everyday lives, their dreams, and their goals, but because you are all working towards the same purpose there is much more camaraderie and focus.

It transforms calorie counting from something on par with cleaning the bathroom with a toothbrush to an interactive fantasy game land where calories are numbers to be played with and you’re helped by a host of amazing people whom you’ve never met in person.  It’s like playing World of Warcraft except that at the end you look amazing.  I cannot recommend this app enough.

P.S.  I would love to be your friend if you join.

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North Dakota is the Ugliest State

18 Feb

I recently stumbled onto maps which say what each state does best and worst.  Colorado remains the least fat state and Mississippi has been the fattest for some time.  According to Time, “Southerners have little access to healthy food and limited means with which to purchase it. It’s hard for them to exercise outdoors, and even when they do have the opportunity, it’s so hot, they don’t want to. ”

Here are the rest of the states:

Here’s the link to what each state does best:

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Whip It!

03 Feb

One great food trick is that if something is whip-able you should whip it.


Light Bread (more air, fewer carbs)

You can save a little money and potentially look better in a swimsuit. And isn’t that the
American dream?

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Two Truths and a Lie

01 Feb

True: Sugar Is Addictive Like Cocaine or Heroin

A 2008 Princeton study demonstrated sugar altered the brains of rats in much the same as cocaine and heroin.  When the scientists took the sugar away from the rats they became stressed, wanted to be alone, and refused to participate in usual activities.  If you’re trying to control your sugar addiction, avoiding eating it in the morning.   For some reason this makes it much more difficult to control cravings throughout the day.

True: You Should Limit the Amount of Fruit You Eat

All types of sugar, even the ones found naturally, raise insulin and stimulate hormone production which is rough on your poor liver.  While people have been eating fruit for centuries, it has never been available as often and in as many varieties as it is now.  Bananas are especially bad for people trying to lose weight.

False: Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that, contrary to popular belief, sugar may actually have a calming effect.  When kids get hyper at various events, it’s more likely that this is due to general excitement than the fact that they just ate their body weight in frosting.

How Much Do You Know About Sugar Quiz:

(Even with as much as I’ve read about sugar, I did really badly.)

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Hum Your Way to Health

27 Dec

Last week I came down with the dreaded cold.  Colds always seem to come at the worst time,  although I don’t know if there are good times to be sick.  Anyway, many people try to cure a cold with different medicines that make you sleep or keep you awake enough to make it though the day.  I was never a fan of the medicine.  If I’m sick I really don’t want to try to make it through the day being miserable when I would much rather be laying in bed sleeping.  Sleeping would probably cure my cold much faster than trying to ignore the fact that I have one.  I’m getting off subject here.  What I’m wanting to get at is a recent study about a simple way to help cure these nasty sinus illnesses.

I’m sure you have heard of whistle while you work, but have you heard of humming while you’re sick?  The new study put out by The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine says that if you are suffering from a sinus infection you can simply hum your pain away.  Sounds simple, right?  The study explains that humming helps open the inflamed sinus allowing air to pass through.  This can also help with congestion.  Too bad I’m over my cold or I would try this out!  Check out the entire article for yourself and start singing humming a happier tune during the cold season!

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