Salads WORSE than a Whopper

30 Mar

I got this email today and I had to share it. I’ve always heard that you need to be careful when you order a salad from a restaurant since small add-ons can pile on the calories. Here is the complete list of 20 salads that are sadly worse than eating a Whopper.

FYI – a Whopper is 670 calories!

Here are a few that are on the list:

  1. BLT Cobb Salad at Wendy’s with Ranch and croutons = 760 calories
  2. Fully loaded Steak Salad from Taco Bell = 900 calories
  3. Chicken Ceasar Flat Bread Salad from Quiznos = 920 calories
  4. Grilled Shrimp and Spinach Salad from Applebees = 1,050 calories
  5. Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad from Friday’s = 1,360 calories
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