Snow Day Workout!

13 Dec

If you are like me, you probably dread having to shovel or clean up after a big snow storm.  It’s really not fun to have to freeze while shoveling especially since you know you will just have to shovel again within a few hours.  I don’t know if this will make shoveling or other winter activities less of a hassle, but maybe it will make it worth while!

Did you know that if you shoveled for 1 hour you would burn about 408 calories?  Surprisingly, this is the same as having about 1.5 Cafe Lattes from Starbucks, 2 cans of Coke, or about 3 bites of a Big Mac from McDonald’s.  If you generally lean towards the healthy eating, it’s also the same as eating almost 14 carrots.

Now winter isn’t all about shoveling, it’s also about snowman building and sledding!  Say you built one awesome snowman.  You just burned about 250 calories.  This would be the same as eating 2 cups slivered almonds or 4 chocolate chip cookies.  And if you went sledding, you could be burning about 420 calories, especially if the hill is super steep!  This would be the same as eating 1 cup of cranberry sauce (watch out Thanksgiving), 2 slices of french bread (minus the butter) or 5.5 cups of fresh strawberries!

Did you know that even if you just took a leisurely stroll in the snow, you could be burning about 270 if you walked for an hour?  That’s the same as eating 1 PopTart, with 2 bites of a second, or 1.5oz of Pistachios.

I guess the moral of the story is that while snow never seems to work with us, we can make it work for us!  Enjoy all of your favorite winter activities this season!

PS – finding calorie counts of your favorite foods is pretty easy.  Check out this site or this one for more information!

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