Theo the EO BotFish!!!

24 Feb

Hello ladies and gentleman of the world. I am here to tell you all about our new friend Theo! He is a red Betta Fish with plenty of personality. He loves to swim around and eat his Betta food, and occasionally he will come up for air. Mr. Matt Valucis was wonderful enough to buy him for us as an office pet. His color is really cool, because he is all red but his sides kind of have dots on them. The dots first start out as a really dark red, and slowly become almost bright light blue. Theo swims among his little red pebbles, and I think he is happy here. He has no issue with sitting and listening to your problems. Oddly enough if you sit and talk to him, he will make eye contact with you the entire time. I’m so glad that we are able to raise such a brilliant and lovely fish.Theo is the best fish in the whole wide world!!

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