Top Ten Ways to be Awesome at the Gym

07 Dec

10) Challenge the person next to you: While you do not have to issue them a formal duel on the treadmill, you can try to match them stride for stride or go even faster than they are (assuming you first consulted your doctor.)

9) Jump rope: An hour of jump roping burns as many calories as running 6 miles in an hour. Plus, you can do sweet moves like the Running Man, the Irish Fling, or the Wounded Duck.

8 ) Start a game of Knockout or Around the World: Besides Romper Stompers, Knockout remains one of the most under-rated pastimes in history. What better way to unite people with upper extremities?

7) Bust a dance move and/or skip randomly: People tend to be on their guard at the gym because they risk looking sweaty, unattractive, and potentially feeble in the presence of strangers. So why not lighten things up by bobbing you head to your Ipod, moonwalking, or skipping around the track?

6) Try new classes/equipment: Occasionally you’ll be chugging along on the elliptical and you’ll wonder if you’ve been on it for ten minutes or ten years… Make it a goal to try something new each week. This way you’ll keep your workouts peppy and cerebrally-engaged.

5) Wear knee socks: I confess, my ulterior motive is a formerly secret plot to bring the knee sock back in a big way. Now, this is probably slightly more applicable for women than men, but it’s an easy way to make a strong statement while actually wearing clothes.

4) Start a conversation with someone: As much fun as walking in circles by yourself is, starting a conversation with stranger, no matter how odd they are (especially if they are odd) is much more enjoyable. Worse case scenario: You give them a good story to tell about that weird person at the gym.

3) Challenge stereotypes: Instead of getting noticed by wearing tie-dye or water wings, try boldly going where those of your gender have rarely gone before (you know what I’m talking about.)

2) Be fully present: Recent studies have shown that multi-tasking rots your brain. I also read somewhere (Psychology Today perhaps) that if you think about your workout while you’re working out, it’s more effective. In any case, letting the cares of the world wash off you along with all of the sweat feels pretty darn good.

1) Actually smile at people: Yes, it’s hard to be friendly at the gym (see #7) but it’s definitely rewarding if you’re willing to take the risk. Just for one day, I challenge you to smile at every person you see while you work out. The more you smile, the better you feel.


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  1. Ann - Sporty Girl Jewelry

    December 13, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    ok, I am totally going to steal the knee sock idea. Let’s start a revolution!