Top Ten Workout Fashion Flubs

14 Dec

10. Sweatband headband: This shows that you take your workouts seriously.  You don’t have time to reach for a towel, you have to stop that sweat on instant contact.  What better way to do that than a fuzzy, puffy head accessory?

9. Clashing Colors: Basically, if any colors are remotely close to each other on the color wheel, you should wear them together.  By wearing olive green and kelly green simultaneously you can help people feel like their eyes are burning calories. 

8. Crew cut socks:  If you find ankle socks a bit risque, than taller socks are certainly your best bet.  The weather is getting rather nippy and you know that your ankles deserve a little TLC this holiday season.

7. Hooters Shirt:  What easier way to say, “No, you’re not paranoid, I actually am staring at your chest.”

6. Slitted Shirts: Don’t let heat and moisture get trapped inside your shirt, slit your shirt up the sides to get that randy sailboat effect.

5. Repeat outfits: Since you’re going to get sweaty anyway, why bother starting out with clean clothes in the first place?  Just wear the same black Adidas shorts every day and they will be your trademark, like Tony the Tiger’s bandanna or Mr. Peanut’s monocle.

4. Workout in you swimsuit: You don’t need the constriction of actual clothing.  If you can’t decide between swimming or getting some elliptical action, put off the decision for as long as possible by wearing a swimsuit regardless.

3. Short shorts: Since the era of the basketball movie Hoosiers, we have been living in dark days.  Nowadays guys actually cover up their quadriceps.  Where’s the equality in that I ask you?

2. Yard work or outdoors wear: This includes things with with pit stains, grass stains, holes, and anything falling into the general category of camouflage.

1. The Wrong Size: Rule of thumb: If you can fit another person in your outfit or if you can be mistaken for a bag of leaves, you probably shouldn’t be wearing it.  [I’m looking at you Mr. Gray t-shirt.]  This also includes clothes that are too small such as your college clothes or those T.M.I. black spandex shorts.

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