Two Truths and a Lie

01 Feb

True: Sugar Is Addictive Like Cocaine or Heroin

A 2008 Princeton study demonstrated sugar altered the brains of rats in much the same as cocaine and heroin.  When the scientists took the sugar away from the rats they became stressed, wanted to be alone, and refused to participate in usual activities.  If you’re trying to control your sugar addiction, avoiding eating it in the morning.   For some reason this makes it much more difficult to control cravings throughout the day.

True: You Should Limit the Amount of Fruit You Eat

All types of sugar, even the ones found naturally, raise insulin and stimulate hormone production which is rough on your poor liver.  While people have been eating fruit for centuries, it has never been available as often and in as many varieties as it is now.  Bananas are especially bad for people trying to lose weight.

False: Sugar Makes Kids Hyper

A study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine concluded that, contrary to popular belief, sugar may actually have a calming effect.  When kids get hyper at various events, it’s more likely that this is due to general excitement than the fact that they just ate their body weight in frosting.

How Much Do You Know About Sugar Quiz:

(Even with as much as I’ve read about sugar, I did really badly.)

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