Wow, It’s Been Winter for a Long time

07 Feb

During this time of year, people often start to get the winter blahs.

Good ways of coping:

  1. Building a snowman
  2. Getting a sunlamp
  3. Visiting a steam room
  4. Splitting a treat with friends
  5. Staying ridiculously hydrated
  6. Getting a dog (it forces to you go outside)
  7. Read/watch something hot.  Every February I read The Secret Life of Bees and watch the movie “Holes.” I can practically feel the sweat dripping off the characters.

Bad ways of coping:

  1. Eating your body weight in discount marshmallow hearts after Valentine’s Day
  2. Spending hours sniping on Ebay
  3. Drinking moonshine
  4. Having a Doctor Who marathon
  5. Engaging in petty crime/murdering someone with an icicle
  6. Sleeping like Rip Van Winkle
  7. Tanning until you look like a piece of fried chicken
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